One Good Trade (ebook)


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When we talk about trade and being a good trader, it is quite a special point because not everyone has the capacity to do it naturally and they need a push or more professional help to achieve what they want so much with regard to trade and everything that concerns it.

This book called one good trade gives you a glimpse of what it takes and what it takes to not only be a trader but to actually be a good trader in everything you do and on any platform.

In One Good Trade: Inside the Highly Competitive World of Proprietary Trading, author Mike Bellafiore shares the principles and techniques that have allowed him to navigate the most challenging markets over the past twelve years. He explains how he has imparted those techniques to an elite group of traders in the proprietary trading company he co-founded. In doing so, he lifts the veil on the inner workings of his business, shedding light on the challenges of prop trading and understanding why traders succeed or fail.

What you will learn in one good trade

The world of the accessory trade is mentally and emotionally challenging, but it offers substantial rewards to the select few who can master this trade called commerce.

And this is the main point of what you really need to know since you must have the commitment to be able to do everything that it deserves with respect to trade in any of its fields.

When you start to study and read this book you will find countless things to get your business going and generate income from a good trade.

– You will learn to emphasize the skills to have a complete and safe success in the trade, all this thanks to the fundamentals that you will find in the book that will help you to have a safe success.

– Outline the factors that really make the difference between a consistently profitable trader and one that underperforms.

– This book will share many things and entertaining stories and many things that will be of experience for you, starting from the principle that from good and bad experiences you also learn.

– You will learn how to become an excellent and quality trader thanks to all the strategies and techniques that you will learn in this book.

About one good trade

This book is quite practical because as it is a digital book, there are many ways you can read it such as, you can read it online from your pc at home, or you can read it on any mobile device without any problem.

Besides that it is available and you can find it in any file without downloading anything additional in some cases.

Content of one good trade

PART I Within a prop trade company.

– CHAPTER 1 These guys are good.

– CHAPTER 2 A good trade.

– CHAPTER 3 A good fit.

PART II Tools of success.

– CHAPTER 4 Success Pyramid.

– CHAPTER 5 Why Traders Fail

– CHAPTER 6 Live to Play Another Day

PART III Technical Achievement.

– CHAPTER 7 Stocks in play.

– CHAPTER 8 Reading the Tape.

– CHAPTER 9 Maximizing your winnings with the score.

PART IV The trader’s brain.

– CHAPTER 10 Educating the trader.

– CHAPTER 11 The Best Teacher.

– CHAPTER 12 Adapting to the Markets.

– CHAPTER 13 The Successful Trader


Download one good trade

If you want to have the information, the strategies and the preparation in your hands do not hesitate to look for this book you can download one good trade in the link that I will leave you here below.

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One Good Trade (ebook)
One Good Trade (ebook)