Introduction to Stock & Forex


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Trading and especially trading through forex that has a lot to do with currency exchange has two sides, the fun side and the professional side, both are good, but certainly there are people who only look at forex with the intention of seeing what it means but don’t go deep, however there are others who really see forex as a good professional stock market that can profit very well from this business and everything that it entails.

Introduction to stock & forex is a very good program that will really help you know absolutely everything about forex and you can grow professionally in this big and safe economy.

This course is for all levels of traders, from beginners to the most advanced. If you’re an advanced trader it makes sense to jump to phase 3 where the meat of the strategies is explained!

What you will learn in introduction to stock & forex

– You will learn 2 advanced and very good strategies that have to do with the current stock market and how you can use them to your advantage.

– How to trade in the best forex market thanks to short term techniques.

– Learn how to invest and trade efficiently in the stock and forex market with our Financial Management course.

– You will be taken through every step to understand how to trade intelligently.

– You will have the best stock and forex methodology, accurate entry strategies, management techniques can only be gained with years of trading experience.

– This course teaches all traders to trade the market like professionals and to see the key opportunities in the stock market for great long-term profits.

– Liquidity from the Forex market is used for short term trading, giving us a well diversified portfolio of risk in two different markets.

Introduction to stock & forex content

Phase 1

– Using money

– Asset Management

– Investment Planning

– What is Forex and stocks?

– Market comparison and technical terms

– Most traded currencies and market drivers

– Price action

– Indicators

Phase 2

– Cyclicality and market trends

– Support and resistance

– Currency pairs and correlation

– Calculation of risks and entry into market stages

Phase 3

– Traders mentality and emotional trading

– Being released quickly (mentality technique)

– Stock strategy one – Shield trading

– Action Strategy Two: Monitoring the negotiation

– Forex Strategy One – Scalping

– Cluster Trading Forex

Advantages of introduction to stock & forex

Once you access this course you can have 5 hours of videos in a row, videos on demand, plus you have access to resources within the course that you can download without any payment or additional price.

You don’t have to pay or download every time you enter as you will have lifetime access to everything included in the course.

You can view this course wherever and whenever you want since you will have access from any device no matter what it is.

Once you have completed the course you will have a certificate of completion stating that you know what you are doing.

Private training, mentoring and in-person business courses are also offered.

If you want to be part of this very complete training you can access all the information in the link below.

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Introduction to Stock & Forex
Introduction to Stock & Forex