Forex trading Beginners Course


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To be a good forex trader you just have to be disciplined in everything you do, in fact thanks to the well called internet and all the possibilities that websites offer you today you will find very good courses that will help you in the process of learning everything you need to know about forex trading.

Forex trading beginners course by karen foo is a course designed for people who want to make daily life in everything related to professional trading so you can get the most out of having multiple incomes, daily, weekly and monthly.

About forex trading beginners course

This is a program for people who don’t know much about buying and selling currencies in the forex market. If you are a beginner forex trader and want to learn the basics and understand commonly used terms, strategies and tactics, then this is the course for you. Also, if you are looking for a get rich quick system or a holy grail, this course is not for you.

Within the requirements or what is expected to be the quality of students that have this course, do not worry if you do not have experience as this course will provide you with everything you need to succeed.

You must have a good desire to succeed in everything you do and you have to want to do it, don’t do anything obligatory but you really won’t take advantage of the course at all.

This course has nothing to do with a magic system to get a lot of money, but on the contrary you have to study and be disciplined in order to succeed.

Content of the forex trading beginners course

– Introduction to Forex Trading

– What is Forex Trading?

– Introduction to the foreign exchange markets

– Advantages and features of trading in the Forex market

– Basics you need to know as a Forex trader

– Reading tables and candlesticks

– Currency Pair Types

– Currency correlations

– Types of commercial tickets

– Types of commercial outlets

– Introduction to technical analysis

– Mastery of the trading platform

– Meta Trader 4 Mastery (Part 1)

– Meta Trader 4 Mastery (Part 2)

– Commonly used indicators: SMA, EMA and Support & Resistance

– Trading with 100 SMA

– Trading with 20 SMA

– Case studies (100 SMA and 20SMA application)

– How to use support and resistance in the right way

– Trade with 5EMA + Case Study

– Breach confirmation trading system

– Introduction to business breaks with confirmation

– Case studies

– Introduction to risk management

– What is risk management?

– Introduction to Position Size and Lot Sizing

– Development of an effective risk management plan

– Reduction concept

– Concept of risk by trade

– Concept of leverage

– Margin concept

– Trading styles and types

– 4 types of traders

– Fundamental analysis

– Introduction and major economic events

– Monitoring of economic events

– Building a Sustainable Commercial Business

– Developing an effective business plan

– Production of an effective trade journal

– Introduction to brokers

– Broker types

– Commercial Psychology

– 2 types of traders to avoid becoming

– 3 ways to handle emotions in trade

To download and start learning everything about the karen foo forex beginners course just click on the link below.

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Forex trading Beginners Course
Forex trading Beginners Course