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The least we have to do when it comes to investing is to think that we are going to lose, on the contrary, when we take the risk of investing our best opportunity is to invest thinking that the money is there waiting to be earned and there are many options and opportunities that allow us to reach that great point in our economic life.

Advanced options is the ideal program to teach you that you will always find money to win and that you have the best opportunities to succeed in all areas that you propose.

There is always money to be made. Learn how to thrive in all market conditions by applying simple and complex option trading methods such as debit, credit, diagonal and butterfly spreads, index options, straddle and choke. Find out how to control risk and develop entry and exit strategies for each trade.

What you will learn with advanced options

As mentioned before this is a very complete program where its main mission is that you can learn multiple strategies to advance economically and professionally in your life.

How to execute advanced call covers

When to implement advanced option strategies and which ones are appropriate in various market conditions

How to develop entry and exit strategies for each option transaction

 How to convert losing options trades into winning ones using the spreads option

How to control your risk using optional spreads

You will learn how to create good options in the market

Advantages of advanced options

– Monthly income, leverage, etc.

– Advanced options risks

– Option Trading Levels

– Option trading rules

– Money management using Greek options

– Basic steps for trading options

– Steps to sell

– Credit Put Spreads – Bull Bull Spreads and Bear Call Spreads

– Steps for Bull Spreads and Bear Spits Call Spreads

– Debit – Bull call spreads and bear put spreads

– Steps for Bull Call steps and bear differentials Difference steps


– Steps for diagonal bull extensions Extends to

– straddles and strangles

– Steps for long extensions, long strangulations and short strangulations

– Index options and butterfly extensions

– Index options

– Graphics: divergences, intermediate confirmation and groupings

All this and more is what you will be able to learn throughout the time you are in the program. If you want to be part of the students of this course, you only have to go to their official page for more information and download advanced options in the following link.

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Advanced Options
Advanced Options