Advanced Options Strategies Explained


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To sell in a wide and secure way you only need determination to reach everything you want and need in your business, if you want to gain flexibility and financial freedom you only have to follow the strategies and steps offered by the following program.

Advanced option strategies explained is a program that will teach you everything you need to know about negotiating strategies, since knowing how to negotiate and doing it well is a necessary art in any type of business to be able to succeed and have a good income.

About advanced option strategies explained

This is a course where you can know and learn step by step what you need to be able to succeed as a merchant, along with this training there are a series of conditions and questions that you have to answer within the training so that the exact strategies that you have to use are revealed.

It is an extremely fun training and above all full of information within everything you learn you will find 10 strategies that will help you in everything you need, ie this course is worth the investment of time and money.

Among the things that you will notice in the course is that everything is about the process that you will be taking, that is, you will be taught a process that will help you eliminate bad habits and strategies that prevent you from really succeeding.

Advanced options strategies explained is a course that includes a whole bunch of tricks and strategy selections in options that will make your learning process much more effective.

It should be clear that all you will be answering are questions that will determine what kind of teaching and strategy you really need so you can get straight to the point.

Content of advanced options strategies

If you have the possibility it is not other that you can know and know which are the subjects that you will be knowing throughout the course within the thematic or content that you will find.

– Introduction

– Intrinsic versus non-extrinsic value

– Intrinsic value for put options

– Simplified implied volatility

– The King Indicators Pt. 1

– The King Indicators Pt. 2

– The Key Step in Controlling Risk

– The Greeks Pt. 1

– The Greeks Pt. 2

– Covered Calls Pt. 1

– Covered calls Pt. 2

– Business management: balancing options

– Commercial Management Risk Management

– Protector (married) Pt. 1

– Protectora (married) Pt. 2

– Vertical extensions (introduction)

– Vertical extensions (bullish call debit extension)

– Vertical Spreads (Credit Spread Bull Put)

– Vertical Spreads (Bear Bear credit spread)

– Vertical Spreads (Bear PutDebit Spread)

– Spreads Calendar (Introduction)

– Calendar extensions (call calendar propagation)

– Calendar Spreads (Set Extended Calendar)

– Butterfly Spreads (Introduction)

– Butterfly Spreads (Foundation)

– Butterfly Spreads (Iron Butterfly)

– Straddling (introduction)

– Straddle

– Straddle

– Strangle (Long Strangle)

– Strangulation (short strangulation)

– Condor Extensions (Introduction)

– Condor Spread (Condor)

– Condor Calculations (Iron Condor)

– The ratio extends Pt. 1

– Relationship extends Pt. 2

– Key Scanner and Strategy Selection Cheat Sheet

These are so many of the topics that you will see, certainly have a peculiar but quite interesting touch that will help you a lot to grow and above all to learn as you really need to.

If you want to download advanced options strategies explained the only thing you have to do is enter the official website where you will know everything you need to succeed.

Advanced Options Strategies Explained

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Advanced Options Strategies Explained
Advanced Options Strategies Explained